Prepayment Penalty Clause

What is a Prepayment Penalty? – – You should look for the words "prepayment penalty terms" or a "prepayment penalty rider." If you have any questions regarding an existing prepayment penalty clause or the terms on your new mortgage, contact your mortgage broker for answers, so you can make an informed decision.

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Mortgage holders seeking to pay off the loan principal early may incur a stiff penalty from their lender. These fees–called prepayment penalties–protect a lender from lost interest revenue.

Prepayment Penalty Clauses | Boston Real Estate Lawyer. – A prepayment penalty clause is a provision in loan agreements under which the lender imposes a penalty when a borrower retires a loan before its scheduled pay off date. The purpose of these clauses is to compensate lenders for not obtaining interest income they anticipated, and for the possibility that the loan amount will have to be reinvested.

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Prepayment Penalties: The Mortgage Professor #4 Prepayment Clause Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc. – Prepayment clause is a loan-document provision that permits a borrower to satisfy a debt before it is due date. It is a clause in a bond or mortgage that gives the borrower the privilege of paying the mortgage indebtedness before it becomes due. Usually, debt is satisfied without paying a penalty.

Do I have to have a prepayment penalty? – Pacific Shore Capital – The "Yield Maintenance" prepayment penalty is the calculation of that lost income, which is a factor of the original rate, current market rates, and the remaining term of the loan. Let’s look at an example: an investor borrows $1,000,000 at 5% for 10 years with a yield maintenance prepayment penalty.

11 must-knows about early mortgage payoff – Q: Is there a way to escape a prepayment penalty clause? A: No, the clause is there to protect the lender, or the ultimate investor if the loan was sold, which it probably was. Investors pay extra for.

Benefits of Prepaying Mortgages – He said, though, that borrowers should determine whether their mortgage contains a ”prepayment penalty” clause. Such clauses are found increasingly in adjustable-rate mortgages, he said, because.

What is a prepayment clause? As we’ve said, a prepayment penalty fee is not something that is hidden from you until you decide to pay off your loan early. Lenders lay out whether or not they charge you a prepayment penalty when you sign on for your personal loan. It’s all explained in the prepayment clause of your loan agreement.