Post Divorce Modifications

One of the few constants in life is change. Couples reach an agreement on the terms of a divorce based on the circumstances of their lives at the time. Issues such as child custody arrangements, division of property and child and spousal support amounts are resolved within the context of where people are in their lives at the time. However, in many cases, circumstances change over time. Children grow older. Divorced men and women remarry. Jobs get relocated and people need to move. And when circumstances change, the arrangements and agreements worked out during a divorce no longer work or even apply. As a result, new agreements and arrangements are needed.

At Silvas & Routzon our attorneys can help you redraft agreements and work out new plans that fit your changing circumstances and lives. Whether you need help renegotiating a custody agreement, getting an increase or decrease in child or spousal support, or working through the process of changing your children’s visitation schedule, we will make sure your rights are protected and your needs are addressed.

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