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Some of the most emotional times we ever face in our lives revolve around family. Often, in today’s world, family life can be difficult. At Silvas & Routzon we can help you through these difficult times. Divorce, child custody issues, payment of child support, …we help you by looking at these issues objectively so we can provide you with solid advice and counsel. Likewise, if you are seeking to adopt a new son or daughter into your family, we can guide you through the legal process.

In particular, family often revolves around children. When couples with children divorce, some of the most important issues to be resolved revolve around the children. With whom will they live? Where will they live? Will a party pay child support, and if so, how much? These are important and often emotional issues. At Silvas & Routzon, we make sure that these issues are addressed, resolved and the relationship between our client and his or her children is protected.


Being married and raising children is challenging and there are times when husbands and wives feel frustrated to the point of questioning their ability to continue in their marriage. However, many times, difficulties in marriages and with raising children can be overcome with the assistance of trained, licensed counselors. When individuals come to our office for advice regarding family issues, we initially seek to determine whether counseling might benefit our clients. We recognize the value of counseling and have a number of trained, licensed professional counselors we can refer you to.




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