Define Interest Payable

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Payable Definition Interest – – Define Interest Payable. means all interest, acceptance commission and any other continuing, regular or periodic costs and expenses in the nature of interest and amortization of debt discount. translation and definition "interest payable", dictionary english-english online.

What is accounts payable (A/P)? definition and meaning. – Unpaid bills. Accounts that are owed to suppliers (trade creditors) as distinguished from accrued interest, rent, salaries, taxes, and other such accounts.Accounts payable are shown under current (short-term) liabilities in the balance sheet.Lenders and investors examine the relationship of these accounts to the firm’s purchases in order to judge the soundness of its day to day financial.

What is MATURED INTEREST PAYABLE – The Law Dictionary – matured bond payable, accrued interest, payable, net interest cost, payable to bills payable, payable to cash, accounts payable turnover, bill payable, and interest, net method of recording accounts payable

What is interest payment? definition and meaning. – A payment amount determined by the interest rate on an account.As a borrower, an interest payment represents the rate charged for being lent funds.As an investor, interest payments represent income on earned on cash accounts or fixed and variable rate securities.

Accrued Revenue Example Interest payable in French – English-French Dictionary. – en The maximum annual rate of interest payable in respect of a capital lease shall not exceed (a) the aggregate of 12% and the rate of interest payable on Government of Canada bonds, on the day on which the capital lease was entered into, for the same term as that of the capital lease, if the total financing amount of the capital lease is less.

Definition of Interest payable – Definitions of Financial. – Definition of Interest payable. Interest payable. The amount of interest that is owed but has not been paid at the end of a period. related terms: coupon. detachable certificate attached to a bond that shows the amount of interest payable at regular intervals, usually semi-annually.Originally

What Is an Interest Bearing Liability on a Balance Sheet. – Interest bearing debts, like loans, trade credit, bonds and promissory notes must be handled differently than other debts, like wages. How they are entered on a balance sheet and how they are prioritized depends on when the debt is due and when the interest must be paid to the lender.

BGC Partners Updates its Outlook for the First Quarter of 2019 – Each quarter, the dividend payable to BGC’s stockholders. to Cantor for its noncontrolling interest. The amount of this net income, and therefore of these payments per unit, would be determined.

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