Child Custody and Visitation Fort Worth, TX

One of the hardest parts of a divorce is the effect it has on the children. At Silvas & Routzon we understand this and work with you and the courts to make sure the children are spending the proper amount of quality time with each parent to maintain their wellbeing. We understand the extremely sensitive and emotional nature of this issue and handle each matter with particular care. Texas law permits flexibility in creating a visitation schedule and our attorneys strive to help you and your spouse reach a customized agreement that helps the children through the difficult process of divorce and allows them to flourish in separate households.

Sometimes however, the difficult truth is that one parent cannot provide a safe, positive environment for their child or children. When a parent identifies that his or her child is being subjected to such a situation, it is important to take steps to protect the child. Texas law provides a number of agencies and resources such as Child Protective Services that can assist the parent. At Silvas & Routzon we can help you determine whether your child is in such a situation and how to proceed if they are. If you believe your child may be living in an unsafe or unhealthy environment, call us at 817-616-0734.




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